Grant’s “Official” Birthday

Though we had the fabulous Snake Party on Sunday, Thursday the 28th was Grant’s Official Birthday!  We had Grandma and Grandpa Deffenbaugh in town and Aunt Tam came over to join in on the fun.  We learned a little bit from Caroline the day before — start the gift opening early to give more time to play!

His “Big Gift” from Mom and Dad was a RipStik.  He has been asking for one all summer and has learned to ride by using the neighbors.  He was very excited!


When the present opening was all done, we took turns riding it outside –

**Notice Grant’s helmet and my (and Ritchie’s) lack thereof… as I say, not as I do!!

Another big hit was our fake Guitar Hero!!!  You all know about my bargain shopping abilities/obsessions.  Well, we have tossed around the idea of breaking down and getting the Wii and Guitar Hero for Christmas.  I was shopping last week and came across a Plug n’ Play game that is a guitar that looks just like Guitar Hero.  I brought it home and snuck it out of the box to try it just to see if it was worth it, and it looked pretty good!  So for $14.99 vs. $149.99, we have a pretty cool knock-off version of Guitar Hero!!!  We took turns playing all night – even the Grandparents and Aunt Tam got in on it.  Sadly, we were so into it that no one took pictures!  I guess we’ll get those in another post!

Other fun gifts included a Plasma Car, remote control snake, Star Wars characters and remote control motorcycle.

Grant’s comment as he left for school today – “I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can get to spend a WHOLE day playing with my new toys!”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go crawl into a corner and collapse…..I finally have one day (out of maybe the last 10) without something MASSIVE on the calendar!!

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Our Baby is 2!!!

Another big day around here — little Caroline Renee is 2 years old!

We started the day with a big Good Morning Happy Birthday, which apparently made her hair stand on end!


We then went on a fun playdate with her good friend Megan to the neighborhood pool.  It is amazing how cleared out that place is now that all the big kids are back in school!  We had a picnic lunch, swam and played in the water park all day.

Caroline & Megan
Caroline & Megan

After a long nap, we had Caroline’s birthday dinner.  Our tradition is that each birthday boy or girl gets to pick their favorite meal that night.  So, we had all of Caroline’s favorites:  Mac & Cheese, Chicken dipped in ranch, grapes and cherry tomatoes.  Even Grandma and Grandpa Deffenbaugh were here for the feast!  She got her very own cookie cake to blow the candles out on and enjoy.
Even after a huge dinner she managed 2 pieces of cookie!  Can you say ‘Sugar Rush’??  So, we moved things indoors to open presents.
She was very methodical, ripping one small piece of paper off at a time and wanting to stop and thoroughly play with each toy before moving on…..drove her brother and sister CRAZY!!
But eventually all the gifts were open and fun was had by all!  What caused the most ruckus, you ask?  The many musical cards she got…..
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The 1st Day of School

So today was the day that Ritchie and I have been waiting 2 months for…..oh, just kidding!  But it was the 1st day of school!  At 7:40 this morning my 2 little sweet peas headed off.  And they were so big and brave,  there was no walking them to their class (which is not only allowed, but totally expected at least for Kindergarteners!)  But since Grant’s class is 2 doors down from Peyton’s he took on that job.  They even asked not to be taken right to the doors of the school, but to be dropped off a ways down the street so that they could walk!!  Here they are:

Well, this is really more like it:

Comments after the 1st day:

Grant thought his teacher was fine, the day was fine, the new kids in class were fine….not alot of detail.  He did get to play with his former classmates at recess and liked that.  That was about all we could get out of him before we forced him to go outside and play — he was bouncing from couch to couch as he talked — a little too much sitting time for him being back in the class!!  I’m sure football practice tonight will do him some good!





Peyton said her first day was just great!  She made friends with a girl named Elle – Felt like hot stuff when she said Hello to Grant’s old teacher and she recognized her – Loved art class – Can’t wait for tomorrow!

**Added note – going to bed at night, Peyton told me “Mom – today was the best day of my life!”

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Here’s what happens…

…when you walk away from Caroline eating lunch to go answer the door. 

I guess you would call it Spaghettio Face Painting??

I don’t think she was really that hungry and she would much rather play than eat.  She was really rather proud of herself….

What a nut!!!

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Grant’s Snake Birthday Party

So I bit the bullet….I did it.  As any of you who know me well know, my hatred for snakes runs long and deep.  About as long and deep as my son’s love of snakes.  Herein lies the problem.  But, for his 7th birthday we decided to throw him a Snake Party.  The compromise:  no live snakes.  It was a win-win.  So, here are pictures of the day!!

Another party down!!  Funny thing – that afternoon we saw a small garden snake out on our back patio.  First one we’ve seen since moving here almost a year ago!  Do you think he knew about the party?!?
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Grant tried Water Skiing!!

For Christmas this past year Aunt Tam gave Grant some water skis, and today was the day to try them out!!  Ritchie and I weren’t there – but the report we heard was that after 2,642 attempts (give or take…) he was able to stand for a couple seconds TWICE!!!  BUT….he loved every minute of it, never wanted to stop, and can’t stop asking when he can go again.  For our little perfectionist, that is all that we could ask for!!

Here is some live footage of that 2 second ride:


He also got the privilege of driving the boat.  I think that spending the day on the lake with Aunt Tam and a couple of 20 year olds (Liz and Brandon) made him feel like he was just a few years older than almost 7!!

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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Get ready for the birthday onslaught — August is a big month around here — and Mommy gets to lead the pack!

In honor of my 36 years on the planet, I am taking a cue from my good friend Amy Wing (not Chinese) and digging through the album for a shot of me in my younger days.  And as a shout out to Peyton, who is the only kid without an August birthday and will be starting Kindergarten in 4 days, I will post my Kindergarten picture and we can check for similarities.  I know, I know — all these children are clones of their handsome father — but every year I keep thinking maybe at least the girls will come my way!!  My other reason for choosing this pic — it embodies everything 70’s I was hoping for.  The hair, the clothes, the jewelry, and (God Bless Olan Mills) the double exposure.  Enjoy!


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Here We Are!

3 kids - All still - All smiling....AMAZING!

3 kids - All still - All smiling....AMAZING!

We are the Deffenbaugh’s — all 5 of us, hence the ‘handful’ description! 

As we start out here, we have Ritchie (Daddy), Amy (Mommy), Grant (7), Peyton (5-1/2) and Caroline (2).  I say ‘as we start out’ NOT to imply that we will be adding any more to the group — a handful is enough of a handful for me! — but just to let you know the moment in time when we began this blog!!

I have had so much fun following blogs of friends and have more than once heard the comment, “I can’t believe you aren’t doing this?  It seems like something you would do!”  So like the lemming that I am, I am following the crowd and jumping in (you’ve heard of lemmings…one jumps in the water they all do.  But then they drown…maybe not a good analogy)

I can’t promise timely updates and belly laughs each time, but check back often and see if we are keeping afloat and what kinds of craziness we are up to next!!!!

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