Happy Birthday to Me!!

Get ready for the birthday onslaught — August is a big month around here — and Mommy gets to lead the pack!

In honor of my 36 years on the planet, I am taking a cue from my good friend Amy Wing (not Chinese) and digging through the album for a shot of me in my younger days.  And as a shout out to Peyton, who is the only kid without an August birthday and will be starting Kindergarten in 4 days, I will post my Kindergarten picture and we can check for similarities.  I know, I know — all these children are clones of their handsome father — but every year I keep thinking maybe at least the girls will come my way!!  My other reason for choosing this pic — it embodies everything 70’s I was hoping for.  The hair, the clothes, the jewelry, and (God Bless Olan Mills) the double exposure.  Enjoy!


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  1. I am laughing so hard right now for various reasons. First I love seeing the OLD pictures! I may have to dig out more. And second, not 3 minutes ago, I just left you a note on your facebook page that called YOU Wing!! Too funny!

    Happy Birthday, Amy!! I do see a little of you in the girls — but I don’t see YOU in this picture!

  2. You are totally cracking me up! I’m glad you’re blogging and I can keep up with your family via internet (since 2 minutes down the street is obviously too far away!). Keep up the good work and have a great bday!

    Your 3am friend…Jamie

  3. FINALLY! But, you didn’t take my “Deffenblog” name suggestion!
    Love the photo – I do see a little of you in Miss. P.

    We had a great time last night. Let’s encourage Ritchie not to give up so we can rock out again soon!

    PS we forgot to eat the cake!

    Happy Birthday!

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