The 1st Day of School

So today was the day that Ritchie and I have been waiting 2 months for…..oh, just kidding!  But it was the 1st day of school!  At 7:40 this morning my 2 little sweet peas headed off.  And they were so big and brave,  there was no walking them to their class (which is not only allowed, but totally expected at least for Kindergarteners!)  But since Grant’s class is 2 doors down from Peyton’s he took on that job.  They even asked not to be taken right to the doors of the school, but to be dropped off a ways down the street so that they could walk!!  Here they are:

Well, this is really more like it:

Comments after the 1st day:

Grant thought his teacher was fine, the day was fine, the new kids in class were fine….not alot of detail.  He did get to play with his former classmates at recess and liked that.  That was about all we could get out of him before we forced him to go outside and play — he was bouncing from couch to couch as he talked — a little too much sitting time for him being back in the class!!  I’m sure football practice tonight will do him some good!





Peyton said her first day was just great!  She made friends with a girl named Elle – Felt like hot stuff when she said Hello to Grant’s old teacher and she recognized her – Loved art class – Can’t wait for tomorrow!

**Added note – going to bed at night, Peyton told me “Mom – today was the best day of my life!”

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