Caroline’s Big Day

So I guess in our house, you get about a week of being 2 years old before we ship you off to school!!  Little Caroline Renee started preschool today.  She is going to the weekday preschool at our church, Rockpointe, which is where Grant went at 3 and Peyton did pre-K last year.  I think she was very excited!!  She was proud to put on her backpack, which was entirely too big for her, but was a Pet Shop Butterfly which matched big sister’s Pet Shop Kitty backpack!

Caroline was eager to take off and even gave a Ritchie a very loud and clear “Bye Dad!” as we closed the van door.  Dad???  What happened to ‘Dada’ or ‘Daddy’ even???  She talked all morning of her teacher, Miss Misti, yet drove to school with her trademark scowl and I was a bit nervous that she was going to turn on me!  But as soon as I put the car in park she yelled, “My Teacher!” and was scrambling to get out of the seatbelt.

Here she is marching up to the doors…

…and down the hall with her lunch sack…

…and we weren’t in the room 10 seconds before she forgot I was there!!

The report I got at the end of the day was that she had a great time!!  Played twice on the play ground, did circle time, learned about ‘red’, went to chapel and sang, ate a big lunch, and was so wiped out that the entire class was asleep when we came to pick up!!

All in all, a great day.  For Caroline and for Mommy!!!!!!

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  1. Yea for both Caroline and mom!!

  2. I KNEW she would love it! Marky had a great day, too! Let’s go to lunch next week!

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