Grant is playing football

FLAG football, anyway!

His Upward League has been practicing for the last few weeks and had their first game on Saturday. 


He spent most of the game as running back and scored 2 touchdowns for his team!  On defense, he was involved in most plays and was all over pulling the flags.  I think we have finally determined that we just have an athletic kid on our hands!! 

The team they played was pretty skilled in “play making” and at first really had the kids confused by running reverses.  After a bit Grant figured it out and started to make a run for the kid running the reverse….only to find that they faked a reverse route….who DOES that in 1st grade flag football for goodness sake!!!

A plug for the system:  If you have never heard of Upward, it is a National Christian sports league run through various local churches.   A perfect format for first time exposure to a new sport since it is very non-competitive, all kids get a chance to play, and practices/games are built around halftime devotionals and prayer.  Grant has done basketball, soccer and now football through Upwards.  Peyton did soccer last year as well and when she saw that they have Upwards Cheerleading for the football games she about came out of her skin!!  Maybe next year!! 

Anyway, we recommend the program highly!!

**Added Note**

Just got a recap email from Grant’s coach with various comments on the game.  Here is what he had to say about Grant.  I’m not sure if I could be any more proud!!

“Grant (who had a phenomenal game) being so polite and returning the flags immediately to the players he tackled…just great sportsmanship.”

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  1. OK – how stinkin’ cute is that? Returning the flags. As Mike tells the kids, sports are a metaphor for life. He tells them that stuff like Grant just did and the discipline that come from sports is way more important in life than the result of a game or even a season. So glad he is enjoying it – we’ll have to come watch a game!

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