Happy Halloween (Round 4)

Ya still with me?!?!  Now we have – Pumpkin Carving!!!

I must say, this year is the ushering in of a new era where the kids are really getting into it!!  In past years there has been big TALK about pumpkin carving, big ANTICIPATION of it, but no one would actually stick their hand in the goo and do the dirty work.  It would end up with 2 minutes of interaction, crying, and Mommy and Daddy stuck carving pumpkins all night!!!  Not so this year…

(ok – so 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!!!)

Everyone had ideas for their pumpkins and not only sketched out their own faces, but did alot of the cutting too!

Grant went for the "stem as a nose" look

Grant went for the "stem as a nose" look

Peyton's pumpkin has a heart for a pupil and much "tattooing"!

Peyton made a heart for one pupil and did lots of "tatooing"

Caroline was happy to cover hers in stickers!

Caroline was happy to cover hers in stickers!

Here they all are!  Including Daddy’s “scary” pumpkin and Mommy’s “lady” pumpkin!


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Happy Halloween (Round 3)

And now, we are off to the Pumpkin Patch!  There is a cute little place literally just up the road called Pumpkin Express.  You start off by entering a “scary” station and taking a train ride around the grounds.  It is a big hit!

Once we got in, the big hits were the bouncers – the hay maze – and a huge hollow log to play on!


Here is how they started...

Here is how they started...

...and here is how they came down!
…and here is how they came down!

At several points, we lost the kids in the hay maze and had to send Daddy in after them!!
It was a cold day out there (despite the sunshine!) so we feasted on hot dogs and hot chocolate, climbed the hay mountain, rode the teeter-totters and then took our hay-covered-selves back to the car to head home!
So many more pictures….but not the time to get them all up!!!  I think after the official day I will make a “Halloween ’08” album and include them all!
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Happy Halloween (Round 2)

Next up is Monster Mile!!  Our neighborhood sponsors this event the weekend before Halloween every year.  A 1 mile loop down the main street has stops every 100 feet or so where kids get candy, have photo ops, and meet and greet with different characters.  Grant informed us this year that it was “kind of dumb”, so I guess it is more for the 5 and under crowd!!!  But off we went anyway! 

Here are some of the characters we met along the way….


Caroline couldn’t WAIT to see Elmo coming up and she ran up to hug him.  But every time he would say something to her, this deep “man voice” would come out of Elmo and she would run and scream!!!  It was too funny!!

Still, an awesome contrast to last year….






Notice in 2007, not only the heights – but the attitude of the C Dog.  It wasn’t the most fun family evening!!





2008….What a difference a year makes!!!!  This year it was all about Miss Caroline and she loved every minute! 






All told, we got some good exercise, saw some friends, enjoyed a nice Texas fall evening, and netted 3 bags full of candy a whole week before the Big Day….Nice!

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Happy Halloween (Round 1)

Get ready….there will be multiple Halloween posts between now and the big day because we have multiple “events” coming up!  Somehow this holiday has become a 2 week celebration of candy and costume – but the kids love it and to be honest so do I (esp. the candy part!)  So here goes Round 1:

Our neighbors down the street go ALL OUT in decorating every year – it is phenomenal – the pictures don’t do it justice, so if you are local and want to check it out it is worth the drive by!



Not only are they fun to look at, but they host a big Halloween bash each year and we were invited!  Grant was in Julianna’s class last year and since each girl gets to invite a select number of kids from their classes, she chose to include some of last years kids also and we “made the cut”.  Sad to say, but we were super excited — it is very fun!  We costumed up and headed out the door –

Some hightlights – bobbing for apples:


The pinata…

      …and the food!

There was also a giant castle bouncer, a 10 x 10 playhouse in the backyard, and about 40 other kids/families to hang out with!  We had great time and made it all the way to 9pm (even Caroline!) before we loaded up our wagon to walk on home.  Thanks Washka’s for the great time!!!!

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The Scoring Machine!!!

Grant’s team had their 2nd-to-last Flag Football game today and he was the featured running back.  I was attending a Women’s Retreat today (which was FABULOUS, by the way!) but I was able to cut out a little early and make it to the game by halftime.  Glad I did!!!  I watched the boy score 2 touchdowns to lead his team to their first victory (in a league that technically doesn’t keep score! :), bat down a pass on the 1 yard line to prevent the other team from scoring, and catch his team’s first completed pass of the season!  AND – the best part was that we got both TD’s on tape!!  Enjoy!

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Peyton Sings

One of our favorite artists around the Deffenbaugh house is Taylor Swift.  As her music plays in the car/kitchen/elsewhere the kids have learned most all the words to all of her songs!  This morning, Daddy caught Peyton belting out a rendition of one of her favorites, ‘Our Song’….

In case you have a need to compare to the real thing:

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Wolf Fest ’08

Grant and Peyton’s school had their annual fund raising carnival on Friday night – Wolf Fest.  Fun was had by all and we had beautiful weather!!  The big hits of the night were the rock wall climbing for Grant and Peyton and the pony ride for Caroline!


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What a Weekend!!!!

It was one of those “you name it, it happened” kind of weekends!!!  I will try and sum it up here for you — but there are just too many details, so this may be a long one (ie. go get yourself a snack and drink before you continue!)

Over-arching this crazy weekend was the fact that it was our 11th Wedding Anniversary.  Since we had 42 other things going on and our babysitters were tied up with Homecoming festivities we decided to forgo our usual night out.  The kids thought that was unacceptable, so we decided to make it a Family Night Out in honor of the occasion!  We went to a Hibatchi restaurant on Friday night, since that is usually fun for all!  The kids enjoyed the dinner cooked right on our table and all the theatrics that included.


Caroline even enjoyed playing along and often gave her impression of the chef juggling his knives!

After dinner we walked the aisles of PetSmart and looked at every imaginable type of pet before Peyton had an evening ending wipe out in the center aisle.  Poor thing — she was pretty embarassed and claimed her tummy really hurt, so we called it a night and went home.  So far, an interesting anniversary!

Later that night, Peyton proceeded to throw up all over everything twice and we have decided that we think she has a shellfish allergy.  One other time when she was 2 she had a bad incident with shrimp and this is the only other time she had it.  Of course I left for 1-1/2 hours that night to go get my hair cut and colored, so poor Ritchie did most of the clean up duty!  Not exactly what we had pictured 11 years ago….

Saturday was a great and busy day.  Lantana had their annual Fall Festival where the kids jumped in bounce houses, got their faces painted and got balloon animals.  Of course I forgot my camera while we were there, but we got shots of the faces once we got home:


Grant opted for the arm vs. face paint, since he had football team pictures at 1pm.  And yes, his nose is black because he was constantly rubbing his face against his forearm!!

The afternoon continued with Grant getting pictures and playing football (he had a great run!), Mommy getting a shower, taking the girls to the football field and doing a handoff to Daddy so that I could go to a baby shower.  Whheeewww!  Saturday night was spent laying very low at our house!

Sunday was a busy day with the preschool Hay Day after church.  The kids had fun seeing alot of church friends and playing lots of games.  Here Grant opted for the full face paint that he missed out on Saturday!

I would love to say that we then came home and cheered our Cowboys on to a victory, but any of you who saw the game know otherwise!  We licked our wounds with a pizza and felt that although we had just had a ton of fun, we were no where near relaxed and ready to start another week!!!!

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Move over, Picasso!

Grant has always been our little artist….but he is now published!

His art teacher at school, Mrs. White, has started to post Wall of Fame student art to a website for all to see.  Grant has had several pieces on the Wall of Fame over the last year, but his first piece was put on the website – “The Bug”. 

Check it out:  http://www.artsonia.com/museum/art.asp?id=3666353&school=36054&gallery=y

To the right you can sign up to be in his Fan Club and I guess be notified of new entries (I’m not really sure how this works!)  I believe that I can also upload pictures and I have some awesome ones he has done in the past that I may try to get on there as well.  You can also leave comments on his artwork.  Enjoy!

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Ok, Ok — I am being bullied by my dear friend Amy to continue on this game of cyber-tag that she hit me with.  If any of you know me well you know that I ALWAYS reply back to these “Get to know your friends” emails but NEVER forward them on.  This isn’t really my thing.  But it must be the cold meds because I am caving under the pressure of her reminders that I was tagged over a week ago (I do still love you, Amy!)

So here’s the deal:  I need to tell you 6 wacky things about me and then tag 6 other unsuspecting bloggers to do the same.   Here goes –

1.  I have a recurring bad dream about being chased by a snake.  This has gone on for many years and just changes slightly in location.  But the jist is that a snake is gaining speed on me quickly – my legs are like lead and I just can’t escape – till the dumb thing bites me on the hand and I wake up with a loud scream.

2.  I can’t stand things not in Folders on my computer.  Drives me nuts.  Same goes with stuff in my inbox.  Read it, and then delete it or file it, but don’t leave it on there for all eternity!!!!

3.  I have an aversion to Law and Order simply b/c of the little monologue at the intro and the ‘Dum, Dum’ sound (you know what I am talking about).  Gives me the chills.  Ritchie will put it on sometimes just to tease me and when from across the room I hear that mans voice say, “In the criminal justice system…” I quite literally freak out.

4.  I talk in my sleep.  Not so much anymore – but always have.  The worst was a dream in college where I was working in a grocery store check out counter with a seemingly endless line of people to wait on and I sat up and was motioning and saying, “Ma’am, I can take you over here” to my roomate in the next bunk.  That was dorm room fodder for a long time!

5.  I have been in 4 car accidents in my life.  1 as a driver, 2 as a passenger, and one as a pedestrian hit by a car. 

6.  I have an allergy/hate/whatever you want to call it to Nutrasweet.  Anything I even take one bite of with the stuff in it seems to give me an instant headache.  I thought it may be all in my head, but I have found it happen when I had no idea there was even Nutrasweet in something…so there must be something to it.

Ok — that is it!  Hopefully you can look past my quirks and still be my friend, or maybe now you just understand my ways a little bit better!  Not even sure if I know 6 other bloggers, but here go my tags:

1. Marisa – my first blogging friend http://texaskahleys.blogspot.com

2.  Matt – a dear old friend from our pre-kid Atlanta days  http://mattwilsonink.blogspot.com/

3.  Jamie – someone who is ENTIRELY too busy for this! http://michaelfamily.wordpress.com/

4.  Coeli – my neighbor and Bunco mate  http://www.texaswags.blogspot.com/

Seriously — 4 — that’s all I got!!!

So, no pressure to play — I am simply fulfilling an obligation to my friend!  Thank you for your patience!! 🙂

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