Boogers, Boogers Everywhere!

I know – its gross – but if you are here looking to know what is happening with us you’re gonna get the bad right along with the good.  What started as major fall allergies for everyone is morphing into colds and Daddy seems to be the only one holding his own!  Mommy and Caroline are among the worst.  Bless her heart, she doesn’t want to miss a moment of school so we drug her up and send her and she is happy as a clam, but she will yell out “Oh No – Boogers!” when she gets a little too crusty and needs some help!  Grant and Peyton seem more plagued with a nasty cough than anything.  I just have it all – and its gettin’ a little old.  Each night its the same routine — gets kids bathed/medicine/in bed, I swig down some Nyquil and very shortly after pass out, only to wake up to Ritchie getting the kids breakfast and off to school (did I mention how much I love my healthy husband?!?)  I am having high hopes for a healthy weekend, but now that it is already Friday morning and my head is pounding and I am still going through Kleenex like mad I am starting to have my doubts!

Next week is a busy one so I guess I had better (as I am used to telling my eldest daughter) put on my big girl panties and just get over it!  Life goes on, boogers and all!

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