Ok, Ok — I am being bullied by my dear friend Amy to continue on this game of cyber-tag that she hit me with.  If any of you know me well you know that I ALWAYS reply back to these “Get to know your friends” emails but NEVER forward them on.  This isn’t really my thing.  But it must be the cold meds because I am caving under the pressure of her reminders that I was tagged over a week ago (I do still love you, Amy!)

So here’s the deal:  I need to tell you 6 wacky things about me and then tag 6 other unsuspecting bloggers to do the same.   Here goes –

1.  I have a recurring bad dream about being chased by a snake.  This has gone on for many years and just changes slightly in location.  But the jist is that a snake is gaining speed on me quickly – my legs are like lead and I just can’t escape – till the dumb thing bites me on the hand and I wake up with a loud scream.

2.  I can’t stand things not in Folders on my computer.  Drives me nuts.  Same goes with stuff in my inbox.  Read it, and then delete it or file it, but don’t leave it on there for all eternity!!!!

3.  I have an aversion to Law and Order simply b/c of the little monologue at the intro and the ‘Dum, Dum’ sound (you know what I am talking about).  Gives me the chills.  Ritchie will put it on sometimes just to tease me and when from across the room I hear that mans voice say, “In the criminal justice system…” I quite literally freak out.

4.  I talk in my sleep.  Not so much anymore – but always have.  The worst was a dream in college where I was working in a grocery store check out counter with a seemingly endless line of people to wait on and I sat up and was motioning and saying, “Ma’am, I can take you over here” to my roomate in the next bunk.  That was dorm room fodder for a long time!

5.  I have been in 4 car accidents in my life.  1 as a driver, 2 as a passenger, and one as a pedestrian hit by a car. 

6.  I have an allergy/hate/whatever you want to call it to Nutrasweet.  Anything I even take one bite of with the stuff in it seems to give me an instant headache.  I thought it may be all in my head, but I have found it happen when I had no idea there was even Nutrasweet in something…so there must be something to it.

Ok — that is it!  Hopefully you can look past my quirks and still be my friend, or maybe now you just understand my ways a little bit better!  Not even sure if I know 6 other bloggers, but here go my tags:

1. Marisa – my first blogging friend

2.  Matt – a dear old friend from our pre-kid Atlanta days

3.  Jamie – someone who is ENTIRELY too busy for this!

4.  Coeli – my neighbor and Bunco mate

Seriously — 4 — that’s all I got!!!

So, no pressure to play — I am simply fulfilling an obligation to my friend!  Thank you for your patience!! 🙂

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  1. dreams about tidal waves didn’t make the cut? 🙂

    believe it or not, you’re the only blogging friend i know!

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