What a Weekend!!!!

It was one of those “you name it, it happened” kind of weekends!!!  I will try and sum it up here for you — but there are just too many details, so this may be a long one (ie. go get yourself a snack and drink before you continue!)

Over-arching this crazy weekend was the fact that it was our 11th Wedding Anniversary.  Since we had 42 other things going on and our babysitters were tied up with Homecoming festivities we decided to forgo our usual night out.  The kids thought that was unacceptable, so we decided to make it a Family Night Out in honor of the occasion!  We went to a Hibatchi restaurant on Friday night, since that is usually fun for all!  The kids enjoyed the dinner cooked right on our table and all the theatrics that included.


Caroline even enjoyed playing along and often gave her impression of the chef juggling his knives!

After dinner we walked the aisles of PetSmart and looked at every imaginable type of pet before Peyton had an evening ending wipe out in the center aisle.  Poor thing — she was pretty embarassed and claimed her tummy really hurt, so we called it a night and went home.  So far, an interesting anniversary!

Later that night, Peyton proceeded to throw up all over everything twice and we have decided that we think she has a shellfish allergy.  One other time when she was 2 she had a bad incident with shrimp and this is the only other time she had it.  Of course I left for 1-1/2 hours that night to go get my hair cut and colored, so poor Ritchie did most of the clean up duty!  Not exactly what we had pictured 11 years ago….

Saturday was a great and busy day.  Lantana had their annual Fall Festival where the kids jumped in bounce houses, got their faces painted and got balloon animals.  Of course I forgot my camera while we were there, but we got shots of the faces once we got home:


Grant opted for the arm vs. face paint, since he had football team pictures at 1pm.  And yes, his nose is black because he was constantly rubbing his face against his forearm!!

The afternoon continued with Grant getting pictures and playing football (he had a great run!), Mommy getting a shower, taking the girls to the football field and doing a handoff to Daddy so that I could go to a baby shower.  Whheeewww!  Saturday night was spent laying very low at our house!

Sunday was a busy day with the preschool Hay Day after church.  The kids had fun seeing alot of church friends and playing lots of games.  Here Grant opted for the full face paint that he missed out on Saturday!

I would love to say that we then came home and cheered our Cowboys on to a victory, but any of you who saw the game know otherwise!  We licked our wounds with a pizza and felt that although we had just had a ton of fun, we were no where near relaxed and ready to start another week!!!!

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