The Ugandan Orphan Choir

A few weeks ago our church hosted an event where they had a group from Childcare Worldwide come and visit.  They are a very neat organization who help Ugandan children get basic necessities as well as enrolled in a Christian school and after that even a trade school.

Ugandan Orphans Choir

The Ugandan Orphans Choir is just that — a group of orphans (most who lost parents to AIDS) traveling the US to perform and raise money for the cause.  They were the cutest kids ever who put on an hour long show of both traditional praise songs which they sang in English as well as some courtship dances and things from their own culture.  It was lively and fun and the kids were very into it!  Especially Caroline, who got the dance bug and just had to join right in!

Questions from the kids included:

1.  Why don’t the girls have any hair?  (they were all bald)

2.  What are they saying?

3.  What happened to their Mommy’s and Daddy’s?

4.  Why are they all dark skinned kids?

This last one was funny — Peyton asked — and when I told her that in that country everyone had dark skin she got a look of utter disgust on her face and said, “You can’t do that!  You can’t have a state where only one kind of skin people live!!  That is mean!”  I love her sweet and color-blind heart!

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Gotta love Caroline!

The things that come out of my 2 year old’s mouth keep me in stitches and do alot to outweigh the whining and crying that we also have our fair share of!!

Prime example:  This morning we were leaving bible study and she says to me, “I want a drink of juice in the car, Mommy!”  Being the ever-prepared Mom that I am, I had a full cup stashed in my cup holder just where she couldn’t see it.  Thinking that I was being the funny one I opened the cap and said, “Well then, just look what I have here!” and handed the cup back to her.  She immediately followed with a very loud, rousing, and deep voiced – “You betcha, Sista!

She immediately started laughing, knowing that she had made a funny and she had me in such hysterics I started a coughing fit that literally had my car pulled over to the side of the road!!

If I did a better job of remembering her one-liners I could fill an entire blog just that way!  I’ll do my best to start jotting down more of them for ya…..

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…and finally, Happy Halloween!!

After 4 practice rounds, we made it to the big day!  But I must say (as you will see) I am SO glad that we had the practice rounds…

Thursday night I awoke to Peyton getting sick….repeatedly.  Unfortunately, that kept her home from school on Friday which was not only Halloween, but her first Kindergarten field trip.  The Fort Worth Zoo.  A terribly coveted experience (no matter how many times you’ve already visited the zoo!) and when the realization hit her around 3:40am that she wouldn’t be going she was devastated!!  After about a 15 minute talking-down and a few more bouts of getting sick, so ended Thursday night.

Needless to say, most of Friday was spent in pj’s (all of us girls!) watching Barbie videos, eating crackers, trying to bring down her fever, and napping when we could.  When trick or treating time came, she put on her costume and planned to sit out front and hand out candy with me.  The sight of all her friends running frantically house to house spurred her on, so she joined in.  Daddy escorted Fairy Princess Caroline around the block, but it was Peyton riding like a lump in the wagon on the way back!!  Her 20 minutes of trick or treating did her in!!

Caroline got very into the trick or treating this year and liked getting her own candy!

Some good friends around the corner were eating Hallo-weenies and handing out candy and having a gay ‘ole time, and Ritchie and Grant were able to hang out there a bit.  After handing out candy I got the girls cleaned up and in bed early and then started wondering if I was coming down with the “crud” next, or was my 3-1/2 hours of sleep from the night before just starting to catch up with me???

Either way, we were lights out and in bed and another Halloween was put to rest.  So as it turned out, Oct 31st wasn’t the “icing on the cake” to our holiday extravaganza that we thought it would be!  That’s why I said we’re thankful for rounds 1-4!!

**And, no — I got not 1 picture of the kids on actual Halloween!  Refer back to the Monster Mile.  Grant was a Star Wars stormtrooper, Peyton was a cheerleader, Caroline a Fairy Princess.  Same stuff, different day!

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