Gotta love Caroline!

The things that come out of my 2 year old’s mouth keep me in stitches and do alot to outweigh the whining and crying that we also have our fair share of!!

Prime example:  This morning we were leaving bible study and she says to me, “I want a drink of juice in the car, Mommy!”  Being the ever-prepared Mom that I am, I had a full cup stashed in my cup holder just where she couldn’t see it.  Thinking that I was being the funny one I opened the cap and said, “Well then, just look what I have here!” and handed the cup back to her.  She immediately followed with a very loud, rousing, and deep voiced – “You betcha, Sista!

She immediately started laughing, knowing that she had made a funny and she had me in such hysterics I started a coughing fit that literally had my car pulled over to the side of the road!!

If I did a better job of remembering her one-liners I could fill an entire blog just that way!  I’ll do my best to start jotting down more of them for ya…..

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  1. Hysterical! Don’t you love it?

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