Christmas Lights

As the countdown to Christmas is on I am packing in every last bit of fun and tradition that I possibly can (and trying not to yell “We’re having fun, Darn It!!!”)  So, in that spirit, last night was the night that we drove around with cookies and hot cocoa and looked at Christmas lights!

The usual display that we see in Farmer’s Branch was nice but small – the bonus being that you see Santa at the end and he gives out candy canes.  BUT – we found a house a few blocks from there with one of the best displays put to music that we have seen!  The entire cul de sac was involved and it was quite a sight!  I couldn’t do it justice on video, but you can get the idea:

What you hear in the background over the sound of the music was Peyton yelling “When is Santa coming to our car??”  Apparently this crew had their own Santa too.  How he got from the last display to this one so fast was the topic of much debate on the ride home!!

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Deffenbaugh Christmas

As the kids finished up their Christmas parties at school on Friday, we loaded the van (literally, to the top!) and headed to Bartlesville, OK to celebrate Christmas with the Deffenbaugh’s!!

Adventure #1 – while hitting Oklahoma City during rush hour and having to re-route (poor planning!) we realized that Caroline had had a bit too much juice and had wet through EVERYTHING — shirt, pants, car seat — so proceeded to drive the rest of the trip next-to-naked!


Though it was 70 when we left Dallas, we enjoyed a weekend of 6-20 degree temps in Oklahoma.  It’s not that we weren’t warned, but we were still totally unprepared and quite cold most of the weekend!!  We may have had cold toes, but warm hearts and lots of laughs catching up with the cousins!  The kids got lots of great gifts and had a good time playing.  Too many pictures to post here, so look (eventually) for an album of Deffenbaugh Christmas Pics.

One highlight was that the kids wrote books for their grandparents and read them aloud to everyone.  Even Peyton, our kindergartener did an amazing job!!  The books were about some of their favorite things with pictures they personally illustrated!


The little ones kept interrupting Peyton’s reading…but she didn’t appear irritated or anything, do you think?!?!?

While we loved the time with our family, I must say that we are happy to be back in Dallas enjoying the sunshine, 50+ degree temps, and preparing for Christmas Day!!

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The Other Nutcracker…

Peyton’s ballet class met for the last time of 2008 yesterday and showed the parents their version of “China Tea” from the Nutcracker.  I have to say – does not resemble in the slightest what we saw last weekend (at least to me)!
Peyton and her classmates
Peyton and her classmates

Here you can see the entire dance for yourself!!!


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The Nutcracker

On Saturday, Peyton and I spent a girly day out going to see the Nutcracker!

Peyton & Mommy

We started by going out to lunch together….I had visions of a little tea room where everything was very girly and fancy.  Peyton wanted a cheeseburger.  So, we went to the Denton Square and ate at the Denton County Independent Hamburger Company (,TX/Restaurants/American_Continental/69182/Denton_County_Independent_Hamburger_Company_Denton_TX/) Still an experience and GREAT burger, I must admit!!

Peyton Mommy

We did a little shopping/site seeing around the square, then headed to the performance.

It was the first time for both of us and was a really well done show!  Peyton is learning a part in from the Nutcracker in her dance class and will perform it this Thursday as a mini-recital, so she was very excited when I told her that I had gotten us tickets to see the real thing!

Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker

I think that we both enjoyed it very much (esp. the cookies at intermission!) though there was about a 15 minute part near the end we could have done without!  I think that we were both starting to get tired and it seemed a little redundant!

But, with that our dose of “culture” for the holidays is complete!!

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Caroline’s Christmas Program

Today was the Christmas Program at Rockpointe Weekday Preschool. 

Here I am with my little angel

Here I am with my little angel

The pre-K kids put on the story of Christmas (which is always a hoot to watch!) and the younger kids sang some songs. 

Preschool kids

On our end, there were two real “highlights” of the morning.  1st, Caroline was sat next to a little girl in red who insisted on always touching her shoes, touching her leg, & touching her jingle bells.  I didn’t quite get “the look” on camera, but lets just say that both her teacher and I have seen that look before and were certain that at some point Caroline was going to haul off and hit her!  I am very to happy to say that she did not!!


Her class performed 4 songs, but her favorite was about Baby Jesus.  She told me afterward that she liked “holding the baby”.

The second highlight was also not caught on film.  When the kids finished and the director was explaining that there would be refreshments in the hall, Caroline (who by the way was sitting front row, center) had a huge sneeze.  You guessed it — there she sat with 2 long streams of you-know-what hanging from her nose to her chin!  The teaching staff all cracked up, but thank God for Miss Robin who was fast to the rescue with a tissue.

She finished up her day with a Happy Birthday Jesus party of pizza and cake and telling me how much she loves her school and her teachers!

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2008 Christmas Letter


It’s here and its done!!  This may not be a great format to read it, since I think the font comes out a little too small, but it was emailed out to 1/2 the nation today and in case you are part of the other 1/2 who didn’t get it – just email me and I will be happy to pass it along!

Merry Christmas!!


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Peyton can ride!

This weekend Peyton rode her bike for the first time without training wheels!!

For a little backstory:  Our kids have had issues learning to ride!  Grant (our little perfectionist) tried & failed a couple years ago and announced he would never ride a bike.  After moving here and mastering the Rayzor scooter and being fully content with that, he noticed that all his friends were riding bikes and he was left out.  He pulled his bike out, jumped on and just rode off into the sunset!  Shortly after, Miss P decided she should be able to ride her bike too!  Unfortunately, the child possessed NO ability to balance whatsoever, so we put the training wheels back on.  After witnessing Grant’s transformation, we recommended that she try and master the now tossed aside Rayzor scooter.  She at first couldn’t do it at all but it soon became her new favorite.

Fast forward 6 months to this past weekend.  As I am watching her Rayzor up and down the driveway, zip from the sidewalk to the street, I make the announcement that I think she is now ready to go without training wheels.

She did great!! 


She was SO proud and so were we!!  You go, Girl!!

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Gingerbread Houses


This weekend was “Gingerbread House Weekend”!  The kids have been asking forever so here we went!


Poor Caroline — I only bought 2 houses assuming she was still too young to participate.  She was, but was a little distraught that she didn’t have her own house!  She was a trooper and watched the whole time – and then got her revenge by later tearing up Grant’s sidewalk when no one was looking!



Daddy was in charge of picture taking this night.....Nice...

Daddy was in charge of picture taking this night.....Nice...

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Girls Day Out


An issue lately at the Deffenbaugh house is our big girl, Peyton, not acting much like a big girl!  Lots of whining, crying, etc. that doesn’t sit real well with Ritchie and I!!  So, in an effort to get her to curb her behavior we came up with a handy-dandy chart and stickers to solve the problem!  FYI — I don’t care who your kids are or what their ages, for some weird reason STICKERS WORK!!  Don’t ask me how, they just do.  After a few bumps in the road and some “sad face” stickers and consequences, Peyton earned her 10 smiley face stickers and a big girl reward — Going to a nail place for a mani/pedi with Mommy (a true win-win in my book!)

Here she is in her own spa chair!!

Here she is in her own spa chair!!

Her chair even had a personal DVD player!!

Her chair even had a personal DVD player!!

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It’s Christmas Picture Time!

Always a stressful, tear filled, loud voiced (me) time of year….when I desperately try to get a photo of all 3 of our children that is presentable enough to hand out to the masses.  What complicates this??  My frugality and wanting to do it all myself.  So, armed with a good attitude and nicely dressed kids clean from church, yesterday was the day to tackle the picture taking.  We started with a nice black backdrop (blanket) hung in a well lit area (toy room) and strategic placement of the kids.  I have to say that it went better than past attempts, but wasn’t without the usual issues!  Here are some of the shots that didn’t make the cut:

Peyton is so into the "model look" that she often over does it and you can't even see her face!
Peyton is so into the “model look” that she often over does it and you can’t even see her face!
Nearly every picture Grant had "Igor" eyes!  He kept saying, "What? This is how I look!"
Nearly every picture Grant had “Igor” eyes! He kept saying, “What? This is how I look!”
Oops!  I think Daddy yelled "Toot!" in the background!!
Oops! I think Daddy yelled “Toot!” in the background!!
Doesn't every kid at 2 yrs. give the overly exaggerated "CHEESE!!!"?
Doesn’t every kid at 2 yrs. give the overly exaggerated “CHEESE!!!”?

All and all, we ended up with 1 great pic of each kid individually and a pretty decent group shot.  As I mentioned in a previous post, thank the Lord for Photoshop!  As is tradition with us, once again, one child’s head is cut out and superimposed onto the pic to make it just right!!  You’ll have to wait for the unveiling of the actual Christmas Letter to see the finished product!!

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