Happy Thanksgiving!

The Deffenbaugh’s enjoyed a very fun and family-centered Thanksgiving!!

Peyton decided that she wanted to be my helper in the kitchen this year, so she took on lots of little jobs.  She did alot of stirring and mixing, was very intrigued by the look of the uncooked turkey, and was the official potato washer!

Peyton washing potatoes

Once the food was well underway we had some time to play with Aunt Tam, who came to spend the day with us.  As always, she comes bearing gifts and this time it was Unbreakable Bubbles.  SUPPOSEDLY these bubbles don’t break and (as the package claims) you can stack them to build towers and things.  Well, we had a fun time catching them, but no stacking was done!  When they did pop on you it was like gooey glue, so we ended up with lots of nice rounds globs of it in everyone’s hair, on the grass and on the patio!!   Still tons of fun, though!!

Bubbles with Aunt Tam

Caroline's bubble  Girls & Bubbles  Peyton's bubble

Another Thanksgiving tradition we have is making long “scrolls” of things we are thankful for.  They are labeled by year and each kid gets to draw a picture as well as list off things they are thankful for.  This years highlights were neighborhood friends, school and teachers, the pond behind our house and community helpers (doctors, police, firefighters).  Caroline had a fine enough time playing with the pencils, but didn’t like having to draw a picture on command!


We hang all the scrolls up in the hallway all day and the kids get a big kick out of reading what they were thankful for when they were younger!

Finally, dinner (lunch) was served!!  The big hit this year – cranberry sauce!  Who knew??  Grant couldn’t get enough and keeps asking me to make it again!

p1030826   p1030829   p1030828

We capped off the meal with the world’s biggest pies (brought by Aunt Tam), Caroline going down for a nap, and watching a Cowboys victory!  All in all — a GREAT day!

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