Peyton can ride!

This weekend Peyton rode her bike for the first time without training wheels!!

For a little backstory:  Our kids have had issues learning to ride!  Grant (our little perfectionist) tried & failed a couple years ago and announced he would never ride a bike.  After moving here and mastering the Rayzor scooter and being fully content with that, he noticed that all his friends were riding bikes and he was left out.  He pulled his bike out, jumped on and just rode off into the sunset!  Shortly after, Miss P decided she should be able to ride her bike too!  Unfortunately, the child possessed NO ability to balance whatsoever, so we put the training wheels back on.  After witnessing Grant’s transformation, we recommended that she try and master the now tossed aside Rayzor scooter.  She at first couldn’t do it at all but it soon became her new favorite.

Fast forward 6 months to this past weekend.  As I am watching her Rayzor up and down the driveway, zip from the sidewalk to the street, I make the announcement that I think she is now ready to go without training wheels.

She did great!! 


She was SO proud and so were we!!  You go, Girl!!

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  1. Great job Peyton!! That’s a proud smile!

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