Caroline’s Christmas Program

Today was the Christmas Program at Rockpointe Weekday Preschool. 

Here I am with my little angel

Here I am with my little angel

The pre-K kids put on the story of Christmas (which is always a hoot to watch!) and the younger kids sang some songs. 

Preschool kids

On our end, there were two real “highlights” of the morning.  1st, Caroline was sat next to a little girl in red who insisted on always touching her shoes, touching her leg, & touching her jingle bells.  I didn’t quite get “the look” on camera, but lets just say that both her teacher and I have seen that look before and were certain that at some point Caroline was going to haul off and hit her!  I am very to happy to say that she did not!!


Her class performed 4 songs, but her favorite was about Baby Jesus.  She told me afterward that she liked “holding the baby”.

The second highlight was also not caught on film.  When the kids finished and the director was explaining that there would be refreshments in the hall, Caroline (who by the way was sitting front row, center) had a huge sneeze.  You guessed it — there she sat with 2 long streams of you-know-what hanging from her nose to her chin!  The teaching staff all cracked up, but thank God for Miss Robin who was fast to the rescue with a tissue.

She finished up her day with a Happy Birthday Jesus party of pizza and cake and telling me how much she loves her school and her teachers!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a good show. Her dress is beautiful! I love it!!

  2. Amy I love that you post all about your family! It makes me feel like I actually have a connection to what is going on. Grant, Peyton, and Caroline are very beautiful and talented kids!

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