Christmas Eve


With our good ‘duds on we headed to church for Christmas Eve services!  The kids did pretty well sitting through the service, since they are used to going to kids church.  What had them excited was the candle lighting at the end (they each got their own candle!) and that they either knew most of the Christmas songs or could read them this year off the big screen!

When we got home we got busy decorating the last of our sugar cookies.  Fun was had by all and the kid wine was flowing!!  It is amazing to me the mileage we can get out of a bottle of sparkling grape juice!  Turns any day into a party!!




After the fun, all kids got into Christmas pj’s and hit the hay!!

Mom & Dad had alot of work to do!!  This year Peyton’s big gift from us was a Barbie house.  I had spent the last few months working on it – wallpapering, flooring, and painting and fixing up alot of my old Barbie furniture.  It was definitely a labor of love for me, but that “labor” had to be carried down from the attic after hours and put all back together in the family room!!  Look for pics in a page marked Dollhouse!!

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