The Pig

I have heard reports from a neighbor friend of mine that she has seen a giant pig/boar roaming our street.  I chalked this up to too much wine and assumed she couldn’t tell a dog from a pig!  I stand corrected….the big doings here the other day was a very large pig in my front yard!


I was trimming bushes in the front when I heard the dog next door going ballistic.  Not that that isn’t common, but I looked up none the less to find this HUGE pig about 30 feet from me…and Caroline smack dab in between us.  He was just standing there looking at us but his nose was going a mile a minute and he was grunting.  I have no training in “what to do about a charging boar” so I ran & scooped up Caroline and kept my distance.  He stood there for a long time – sniffing her princess car and milling around – until the boys caught wind of his presence and came flying in out of nowhere.  I was running and screaming not to get too close (what on EARTH would I do if it attacked us????) but I think all the commotion caused it to take off into the woods behind our house as I snagged a quick pic.

It did have a collar on, so it must belong to someone and be a pet.  But seriously – its size rivals some of the largest dogs I have ever seen!!!!

Well that made for a fun day!  And Jess, I’m sorry, and I will never doubt you again! 😉

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  1. Ok I have been checking your blog occasionally for updates and it always brought me to Christmas Eve. Now day I go to read about a pig and there are tons of old posts I have somehow missed! My bad! Technology is so great, except when it doesn’t work like you want it to!!!

  2. this is hysterical..not only did you protect your children you had the calmness to snap a pic..that’s the Amy I know..always great in an emergency!

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