OH NO!!!!!!!!

Ok, bad news….I found my first gray hair today.

I know that to many of you this is nothing.  I have really held it off for a pretty long time, comparatively.  But today she just stood out like a sore thumb to me and there was no ignoring that I had one – just one – gray hair coming right out the top of my head!


Again, I think that I will be fine.  Now that it is clearly documented I will head to the bathroom and pluck said hair from my head.  But I was really thinking about my poor mother!!  Mom – I know that it was a rite of passage when your baby started having babies.  But what is it like to know that your baby now has gray hair!??!

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  1. If you pluck it — 3 will come back!! 😉

  2. OH my….girl…I know…mine aren’t going away after Caleb…and I have to pluck 4-5…freaking me out!! Now, I”m thinking are there ones in the back I can’t see and coloring my hair now will be more necessity than fun!

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