We’re Rockin!

Another big hit from Christmas was a Guitar Hero World Tour Band from Aunt Tam and Uncle Darrell.  We have spent the dark, winter nights honing our skills as a band and everyone is having a blast!

Peyton is our resident singer.  She is working up quite a repretoire of songs, with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ topping the list.


(not really....but she likes to pretend!)

(not really....but she likes to pretend!)


Their band is called ‘Unemployed Youth’ — sorry for the darkness of the video, but you get the idea:

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The Day-After-Christmas, Texas style!

How do Texan’s spend the day after Christmas, you ask??   Well swimming, of course!!!

December 26th just so happened to be a 78 degree day so our neighbors, the Wagner’s, heated up the hot tub and invited our kids down for a dip.


Can’t do that in most places!!

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Christmas 2008

The day started at 7:00am as usual, with the pitter patter of big feet hoofing it down the stairs to see what awaited them under the tree!!


The obvious first thing noticed was Peyton’s dollhouse!  She was very excited!  As was Grant with his big gift this year….a Wii!  Santa was a hero this year too, getting the kids the things they specifically asked him for — a pink kitty Webkin and a stuffed eagle.  How did he know?!?!  Miss Caroline chose to sleep in that day, but when she finally graced us with her presence she too was very excited to see her own dollhouse and lots of presents!  A really, really, really great day!!!!

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Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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