Happy Easter!


Ahhhhhhh……our first decent family photo in ages!

Yes, I realize that Caroline had just been crying and still has red eyes, but somehow pinching her brothers hair gave her enough grin to pull it off.  And Peyton is a little overly fake ‘can-we-please-get-this-over-with’ looking.  That’s why I said decent photo….not great!

We had Grandma and Grandpa in town for Easter this year and it was an extra special time since Peyton prayed a prayer of salvation asking Jesus to live in her heart!


THERE is the Caroline we all know and love!

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Soccer Season

Grant was back at it this spring with Upwards Soccer!  We decided to try the Corinth league this year which is smaller, so gave a wider age range of kids.  It was a much more talented group of boys this year and they had a lot of fun!

Even the girls enjoyed the games!


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Caroline’s Easter Program

This year’s Easter program proved the point that the Deffenbaugh’s may just have TWO show girls on our hands!!

Miss Caroline had a blast singing all her best songs with her friends!


Here she is with her sweet teacher, Miss Misti:



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Rodeo Day ’09

Each year our church sponsers a community event known as Rodeo Day.  Tons of fun!!!!

Lots of food, fun & games!  The kids loved the mechanical bull and snow cones the best!

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Grant the Engineer

Grant’s love of creating things and Legos has really netted some neat things – one of which is his very own imperial star fighter (from Star Wars)


This is all from his imagination – not a kit – just using Legos that he has.  He is amazing!

*Sad side note:  after several days of building this ship he dropped it and it broke into a million pieces!  He was barely consolable!!  Poor guy!

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