Bathroom Issues

So today was a day of bathroom issues for Miss Caroline.

I’m just throwing that out there right up front for the slightly squeamish so that they can move right along….

But for either the sickeningly curious, fellow Mommies who care to share my pain, or those in the mood for a good laugh – follow me.

Let me set the stage by telling you that my sweet Caroline Renee is now 3-1/2 and pretty much thinks she can live on her own.  My help is a nuisance she doesn’t need and many times a day I am told “Mommy get out of here – Don’t look at me”.  That is also a signal that she is doing something she shouldn’t do and since she isn’t totally smart enough to hide it outright, she basically tells me to get lost so that she can continue her bad behavior.

Issue #1 today was #2 (I’ll try to keep the gross factor down here but remember – you were warned!)  The rule is that she calls for help because even though she thinks she can do it all on her own (see above paragraph) – she can’t.  Grant comes downstairs in a huff about something in the bathroom upstairs, Caroline, yada yada and one step in there told me the entire story.  After said #2, instead of calling me she slid on off the seat (Exhibit A).  She then wiped herself, evidenced by the massive amount of paper in the unflushed potty.  To a trained eye, the elapsed time here is estimated at no less than an hour.  After what she considered a successful paper job, she proceeds to sit bare bum on the ground (Exhibit B) to begin putting on the panties (Exhibit C) and pants.  When confronted, she gives her usual sweet faced “Sorry Mommy” and I commence to cleaning up Exhibits A, B & C.

Issue #2 – #1

Fast forward to bedtime.  We changed into pj’s early so that we could all snuggle for a movie.  Again, this was all done by Miss Caroline alone in her room at her request (read: demand).  After a 2 hour movie I am carrying her to bed and she looks up at me with that face that I would do about anything for and says:

“I’m sorry I pee peed all over the floor Mommy.”  {Gasp}

“When did you do that, Honey?”

“When I got my jammies on.”  {Gasp – several hours ago}

“But it was on the tile” {Whew} “and I cleaned it up” {Huh?}

I proceed to find a pile of wet pants and panties in the closet.  A double check of the tile floor showed that all was well (but since this is the same floor as Issue #1 it will be getting the big scrub down tomorrow!)  We had a long talk about telling Mommy about these things – don’t try to cover – blah, blah, blah and while I am tucking her in I hear my inner Mommy voice urging me to open the little vanity drawer in her bathroom that looks slightly ajar.  And what do I find in there, you ask?  Why, a totally sopping wet washcloth full of pee!  AND – it is laying very neatly on top of 2 headbands, 1 hair scrunchy and a nightlight that are now all out in the big green can.


So there you go — a day in the life!

And next time you check in on my blog and don’t see an update in forever just envision that I am not just laying around eating bon bons….I am probably dealing with something like the above mentioned or worse.

But don’t kid yourself – I’m still loving every minute of it.

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Somebody else’s blog

I’m not sure if it really counts as a blog post if I am schlepping someone else’s blog….does it?  Well, it does for me.

My sister in law has followed this gal for a few years now and though she always told me about her I never have seemed to find the time to look her up until recently.  Thank you Kendra!  She truly is a find! {The Pioneer Woman, though I think my sis-in-law is pretty great too!}

If you have any inkling my blog is funny, you may wet your pants reading hers.  If you like to cook – or eat, for that matter – you will drool yourself silly looking at the 122 pictures that accompany each of her nearly sinful recipes.  My family enjoyed her Chicken Parmigiana last night – my WHOLE family – and we are still oohing about it today.  We are due to gain at least 5 pounds over the next few months if we stick with her cooking , but its the price we’re willing to pay!

The Breakfast burritos, Migas, Cowboy Nachos….I don’t care who you are, that’s good stuff!!

So that’s my contribution today.  If you don’t see shots of the parent folk on here its because we are plumping up.  But don’t doubt that we are loving every minute of it!

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We’re baaaaacccckkkk!

Hey World!

First off, sorry for the several month delay on blogging!  For those of you who know me well, you know I can be a bit of a perfectionist {just a bit…} and so seeing the weeks and months go by on the blog just flooded me with dread as to how I would ever be able to sit down and catch up on everything that I’ve missed!!  Well….2010 resolution #1 – Start again on the blog – from scratch!

I can’t guarantee how timely I will be on posts – my husband reminds me that all my facebook friends know everything that is going on anyway! – but I am making a renewed effort and will try and do my best!

So this first post of 2010 will be a recap of sorts.  So much happened in ’09 — there is no way to get it all down — but I’ll see what I can do about a list of highlights from where I last left off.  I think it was March, 09.  Sheesh – that’s awful!!   Here goes:

  • We converted our attic to a sewing room and I bought all new equipment!!
  • Had 2 really sick little girls this Spring – 1 with bronchitis & 1 with pneumonia
  • Witnessed an amazing Easter where my 6 yr old asked Jesus to be her Savior!
  • Grant played some mean soccer in the Spring
  • Our schools shut down for the Swine flu scare in May
  • Had a great VBS week with all the kids – then we all got sick from it!
  • Adopted 2 sweet kitties!  Heidi & Holly
  • Did an AWESOME stay-cation week with our bestest friends!
  • Found a small snake in the house
  • Tackled potty training the last Deffenbaugh!  Woo Hoo!
  • Made summer trips to OK and MI to see family
  • Caroline called 911 and we dealt with cops at the door
  • Had the greatest b-day getting to go to Women of Faith conference with friends
  • Survived the Mommy’s b-day/Grant’s b-day/Caroline’s b-day/meet the teacher/back to school week
  • Watched my boy tear it up on the football field while my big girl was a cheerleader on the sideline
  • Lived through the process of putting in a pool
  • Blessed to have my mom and step dad move down here, right around the corner!
  • Watched Peyton do her thing in the Children’s Christmas Choir
  • Had a white Christmas in Dallas for the first time in 86 years
  • Rang in the New Year with some of our best pals in our new hot tub

Whew!  I know I am missing a million awesome memories, but I think these are the highlights.  Crazy year – busy year – scary year with all that is happening around us, but a BLESSED year no matter how you slice it!

So, I am hoping that 2010 brings me this renewed perspective each day.  Of just how blessed I am.  I am trying to back down from my way over-committed schedule and take in life before it passes me by.  And when I can….I’ll let you know how its going…

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