Put me in Coach…I’m ready to play!

Grant has ventured into the world of baseball this season for the first time.  As a newbie to 8U ball, he is doing phenomenal!!  After trying out a few different positions he has seemed to land very happily as a 3rd baseman.  It is a great compliment to his ability to catch grounders, pop ups, man a bag, and make that long and accurate throw to first base.  (Sure, I’m biased – but not really exaggerating all that much!  He’s good!)  He is currently in a batting slump, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing him down.  And….he’s having a GREAT time!

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I’d upload video here, but unfortunately it isn’t letting me at the moment.  That, and you’d be deafened by the sound of my screams in the background.  I’ll admit it – I am an intense parent on the stands.  Maybe a little bit ‘Leigh Anne Tuoey-esk’ though I have yet to approach a coach on the field or back talk an opposing team’s parent.  But the season is young…..

Just kidding!  😉

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Caroline’s Photo Shoot

So about a month ago, Mommy got a new camera.  I dare say that it falls into the category ‘Pride and Joy’!  Today was really our first opportunity to get outside and take some pictures just for fun.  It was really a little too sunny to be optimal, but I had a very willing subject and we had tons of fun!  Here’s just some of what we got:

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