Mothers Day 2010

I love my kids.  I truly, truly do.

Mothers Day is one of those holidays that means different things for different seasons of life.  My first few were a celebration of ‘Look at me!  I’m someone’s Mommy!’ and that was cool in its own right.  The next several were more a case of everyone loving me up and then getting out of my way – or kicking me out of the house – so that it was a day for me to not have to be the Mommy.  A day just for me.  Pedicure, spa day, whatever it was it had NOTHING to do with kids and cleaning the house!  Loved those days just as much.

This year, I was really happy to spend the day with my peeps as I think the season I am in now has me really contemplating what a Mom is and does.  For the last several months I have been hit from all sides with the same message (side note — isn’t that how God always does it?  He doesn’t just tell you once, but in 100 different ways with all the same meaning!)  That message being — intentional parenting.  That it isn’t enough to feed them, wash them and get them in bed by 8.  It isn’t just that they learn to read, tie their shoes and check the boxes on developmental accomplishments.  But what am I doing in their lives?  What am I building?  How am I guiding?  Those things that they can’t get from anyone but me….am I giving them???

Sometimes it makes my head hurt.  The responsibility is staggering.  But it was given to me.  3 times over.  And lately I feel like I am trying to make real sure I am making it happen as much as I possibly can.

And as always, God steps up and right when I am feeling the ‘I’m not worthy!’ of this call, He gives me little glimpses that I’m doing an ok job and the fuel to keep on going.

Got this note from Peyton about a week ago:

‘Dear mom – You are the best mom ever!  I hope you think I am the best daughter ever!  And I care about you.  Sometimes you’re mean and sometimes you’re good.  But I only know that you are just trying to teach me.  Love, Peyton’


That was followed up by her homemade Mothers Day card:

Right back at ya, P!

So as I am spending my WHOLE day today making up meal plans for summertime, chore charts and putting family activities on the calendar I am keeping in mind that it is all parenting with a purpose.  Loving these guys with everything in me while I train them up in the way that they should go.

**Just don’t think that doesn’t mean we won’t still pee on the floor, throw a fit in the store and scream our fool head off at each other!!  Just hopefully a little bit less often and with a whole lot of love behind it!  😉

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