His glory = My joy

There have been 2 HUGE concepts this last year that have shaped me and this is one of them:

Everything that God does is ultimately for both His glory and my joy.

If you have ever been to or listened to a sermon at our church there is a very high likelihood you have heard this from Matt. **To anyone interested I couldn’t recommend enough listening to the free podcasts from The Village Church http://www.thevillagechurch.net/resources/feeds-podcasts/ **

The push back: What kind of a power-hungry, egotistical God is this that wants everything to be about His glory?? The nerve!

As Matt would say, He is the ONLY one worthy of it! He makes trees – He forms new babies in the womb – He spoke and universe came to be. He can calm the storms and even the wind obeys Him. I’d say that He deserves the glory. But there is more to it than that…

Because He is the one who wired us, He made it so that our ultimate joy comes when we give Him glory.

We all have experience with jerry-rigging something. Using something not for its intended purpose but to fill a need. Usually duct tape is involved. But the result is always sub par and though it works to an extent it never works perfectly. Its just not how it was made to work. So it is with us.

Ever worked at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter? Ever given time and gifts at the holidays to help the less fortunate? You know that feeling in your gut when you do? That’s ultimate joy in glorifying God through our service. Have you ever been with a group of people praying for someone or something and felt the hairs on your arms stand straight up? That is ultimate joy in turning to God for help vs. relying on ourselves.

Is there joy outside of Christ? Absolutely. We can’t deny that. But not ULTIMATE joy. Nothing comes to its fullest fruition outside of Him. If there was a gauge to measure depths of joy I would stake my life that the touchdown scoring receiver who kneels and lifts a hand to God (with his heart truly behind it) absolutely blows away the amount of joy felt by the dude who does the me, me, me dance in the end zone.

So when God lays down His commands for me is He ever trying to rob me of true joy? No.
Don’t covet – honor your parents – turn the other cheek – put others before yourself. He never claims that those are easy and if our view is only of this world then it may seem like we are tossing joy right out the window. BUT – if we trust Him and His promises for us (seeing a future blog topic coming together here…) we can know that He has a greater joy for us than those things could offer.

As a parent, you gotta know I am working hard to teach this to my kiddos! His rules – my rules – are not to rob you of joy. We talk through this almost daily. Because my goal is not to raise rule followers but young people who can place their trust in the ultimate authority (sneak peek to the 2nd huge concept!) and know that their ultimate joy is the goal.

So look-ey there — doesn’t seem too egotistical and power hungry after all! Just a simple truth that giving our best to Him is the best for us. Huh.

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