That’s my boy

I am so blessed to have a boy.  I would have taken gladly whatever God gave me but I was over the moon when I found out that our first was a boy.  It just seemed right.

Grant is amazing in so many ways that its tough to sort it all out but this week I tried to do just that.  See, he is Student of the Week in his 4th grade class and this year that includes having letters from Mom & Dad read aloud by the teacher.  I was excited to get to do this and find my happy balance between bragging him up, embarrassing him, and letting him know that I think the world of him while still maintaining a shred of Mom-coolness.  I hope I did it….here it is…

Oh…….what can I tell you about Grant D? 

He has been called ‘Grant D’ since he was a little baby – it just stuck. 

He was a big ‘ol boy when he was born and had such chubby feet that we couldn’t fit shoes on him sometimes!!

He has loved watching football on TV since he was 2 weeks old – Seriously.  If you turned him the other way in the room away from the TV he would twist himself around until he could see it again!! 

His first word was ‘Ball’ and therefore his first big birthday party was a Ball Party.  It seems like he has never been without one in his hands since. 

I’d tell you about what an athlete he is but that is something you probably already know.  What you may not know is how many sportsmanship honors he has received.  How he gives a pat on the back to players from the other team after they make a great play – how he flies out of the dugout to congratulate a teammate who just hit a homerun – how he listens to his coaches and shows them respect.  I am always proud to watch him play, but really proud of HOW he plays.

On Grant’s 6th birthday we brought Caroline home from the hospital.  He immediately became the person in the house who could calm her down the quickest when she cried!

When his sister, Peyton, was in a bike race in our old neighborhood and was coming around the final turn neck & neck with an older boy he got off his bike to run alongside her and cheer her on to the finish line!

Now, just so that you don’t think I’m TOTALLY biased, I will give a little fair balance:

He never puts his shoes away.  There are always socks of his lying around our house – ALWAYS – and in the most weird places ever.  He is a messy eater.  His bathroom looks like a toothpaste tube exploded in there.  He rarely cheers for the Cowboys.  (grrrrr!)

But the real truth is that those things are nothing compared to what makes Grant so great.  God blessed us with the best boy ever and I couldn’t be more proud to be his Momma.  I think he’s the bomb!  Nope – take that back – he’s totally beast. 

I love you, buddy!


**Not sure if my use of ‘beast’ earned me Cool-Mom points or gets filed under embarrassing.  We’ll find out after school, I guess.



I was told that parts of my letter were in fact embarrassing.

Me:  Which parts?

G:  The fat feet part.

Me:  When you were a baby?  Really?  What about the ‘messy eater, socks everywhere, toothpaste explosion part’?

G:  Oh no!  All the guys gave me fist bumps like “Yeah Dude!  Socks!”

Me:  And what about when I called you ‘beast’?

G:  They all yelled ‘Beast!’ and fist bumped me again.

Yep, that’s my boy.  ❤

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