The Art of Procrastination

The calendar showed that this week was set to be a busy one. A long radiology consult with Mom, hosting Bunko which entailed lots of cooking/cleaning/prep, and running the Reading Counts bookstore at school. With regular life stuff mixed in it was manageably full. Now add a 5 yr old who is snot from head to toe, having trouble breathing and running a fever for 4 days. Ugh. Caroline got hit with strep and bless her heart she was a mess this week. Yet I giggle and think that this wasn’t all that different from any other week in my life….life is just busy. Period.

However, even during the busiest of weeks there are moments/hours where I get to choose what happens and I am realizing that almost always lately fitness takes a huge backseat. I said after New Years I would get back to working out. It has happened once. 😉 It isn’t that I haven’t HAD time, but I choose other things instead. Today for example I have 2 hours till I need to be at school for the bookstore and I am choosing a 2nd cup of coffee and the blog instead of working out. The other day I cleaned the pantry. One day I did extra bible study. All good stuff. Nobody can ever claim that I am lazy – and I certainly don’t think that I am – but I will painfully find a million other things to do to avoid working out.

Funny thing is, I know that I will feel better once I do. I look back at our post-P90X pictures and remember how proud I was of myself and how ‘healthy’ I felt at the pinnacle. Because of where I am now vs where I was last time when we started I could be back to fighting shape in no time. The time is there (though I still claim “I have no time”) I just choose not to use it for working out.

So I guess I am wondering what it will take for me to prioritize working out? When we did P90X last spring I was diligent – I rarely if EVER missed a workout, followed the diet to a T, and didn’t slack or substitute videos or anything! I think the key is that I am a rule follower. It wasn’t self control and will power – I kind of stink at those – it was that I said I was going to do it and therefore I had to do it. The blessing/curse of being a perfectionist. A refusal to fail.

I guess the good news is that I am embracing a concept in a book I recently read called “The Relief of Imperfection”. I really don’t feel all that guilty for not getting back into the swing. Though I wish I wanted to work out I’m not beating myself up for not doing it. There is a bit of peace to be found in being comfortable with your decisions! And in a 2nd cup of coffee…Mmmm.

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  1. Well I’m a big believer in taking breaks… its healthy to give your body that down time before you kill it with Tony.

    My husband just started p90x2 (I’ve done some). I like it much better. It builds you up the first few weeks with power & balance training. Lots of stability ball & med ball. It’s like he knew we were going to be fresh off a break or something!??

  2. P90X2 scares me!!! I’ll be curious to hear more about it!

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