The Treasure Buried Upstairs

So Peyton is our family’s entertainer.  We always joke that people should get her autograph now since it’s clear that she will be on a stage or screen somewhere in her adult life! (Side note:  she also tells me often that she just may opt to be a ‘regular mom’ like me!  That cracks me up!)

In cleaning up the toy room the other day (like any good regular mom would) I found – buried under mounds of dress up clothes and hats – a song that Peyton had written.  I had heard her singing parts of it that day, mainly the end where she would belt out “You gotta play the game, boy!” so I busily assumed it was a sports song or something.  Who knows.  These kids have made up hit songs about Sprite and Grills and Mac & Cheese, so it could be an ode to anything!  I stumbled upon the song in its entirety and it made me smile.  It was what I needed to hear that day and just made me marvel and how her sweet mind works.  Here it is:

Win/Life’s a Game — by Peyton Deffenbaugh

You gotta at least play the game; You gotta at least try harder

You gotta at least show respect to yours.  That’s all that you don’t know


There are 2 ways in the game of life

God’s way and Satan’s

I follow God – What about you?

Oh wait….you don’t play.

You gotta try to win-win-win-win.  Win the game of life.

You gotta take a second chance;  You gotta help yourself out.

God depends on these things, without a doubt!

(repeat chorus x2)

Oh, in order to win you at least gotta play the game, boy!

That paper is now filed away on my desk for safe keeping.  Whether she ends up a regular mom or the next Taylor Swift I will keep it forever.  And either way, I continue to pray that she keeps playing the game.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  2. So awesome! And now it’s time to take a bow!! Love those kids!

  3. Wow! That’s awesome. She wrote that?!?!?! Super cool Peyton 🙂

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