Back in the Saddle

58 days.

That’s how long its been since I’ve blogged on here.  58 days.

If you’ve followed this blog beyond the last 6 months you’ll know that that is nothing!  I’ve gone MONTHS without blogging before – in some cases the better part of a year!  But this is different.  Blogging in the last 6 months has become a bit of therapy for me – an outlet – a ministry.  So 58 days has felt like an eternity.  I have wanted to blog.  I have notes in my phone, notes jotted on scrap paper, things tucked away in my brain with the tag “blog this, and don’t forget”.  But hands down it has been the busiest/wackiest/most stressful/out of body 58 day stretch I have ever had and I just couldn’t get to the keyboard.   But now I’m back, and hoping to be regular about it and clear out these mental and physical notes everywhere of stuff that needs to be shared.

The cliff notes version of where I have been –> my mom went into the hospital on February 16, 2012 and never came out.  Scratch that, she came home for about 8 hours but ended up right back in.  Her 6 month battle with cholangiocarcinoma took a bigger, uglier turn and she was physically shutting down.   She had a massive procedure done on 2/28 that really took a toll on her.  I stayed the night with her on 3/7 and by that point her struggles were too much to bear, so we decided to go with hospice care on 3/10 and kept a 24 hour vigil with her in the hospital until she passed on 3/13.  Three days of whirlwind around here gave way to a 2 day drive to Michigan where we spent 4 days loving on our family and saying goodbye to Mom.  Now 4 weeks later we are embracing normal life again and I have a need to purge all the ‘A-ha’ moments and life lessons I have gleaned.

I want to shout out a huge Thank You! to everyone who has checked in, called, sent food, prayed and cared.  I hope to give you a glimpse or glimmer of the true hope and peace I felt throughout all of this time.  Hopefully you have seen that already through posts from the last 6 months.  God has been so good to me.  Nothing happens in vain.  Though most of us never get to see the ‘Why’ and bigger purpose in the trials of this life I felt like I have gotten the gift of seeing just a smidge of some of it, and it is beautiful.

I have missed you friends!  If you have missed me too then we’ll have fun getting re-connected and spending time again.  If not-so-much, then all I can say is that like a bad rash…I’m baaaaaacckkkkk!!!

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