Reading material for Mothers Day….and beyond

I woke up to a mountain of things to read this Mother’s Day!  Literally.

I had the perfect store bought card from my man, a sweet note tied to a gift made by my boy, a mini-book written for me by Miss Peyton, and TWELVE handmade cards from Sweet Caroline.  12.  She has been working on them almost everyday after school for at least a month and continually asked “How many more days till Mother’s Day?”  I had facebook notes, cards from my parents, and email messages.  I had lots of good stuff to read.  And I loved it.  It made my day.


An acrostic for “MOTHER”

M y mom is the bomb!

O oooooo! Aaaaahhh!

T he best. Mom. Ever.

H i! Have you ever heard of my mom? I could go on and on about her…

E veryday I wake up and see her amazing face & smile!

R e: The mom is in the HOUSE!  Hey friend, do you know my mom?  She’s awesome!


An amazingly illustrated crayon card that said, “I love my mom because -”

1. She prays with me

2. She is kind and sweet

3.  She loves me with her whole heart


And my husbands great card telling me that not only do I run this family like a well oiled machine….but I am ONE HOT MECHANIC!  Ohhhh that made me laugh and laugh!!  And the kids all said – “That’s gross!”.  Then I laughed even more!

We spent a great family day together and though I’m keeping these cards on a pile on my desk for now I know that someday I will misplace them.  So this post is really for me as a reminder — You are blessed beyond measure, Amy.  You are doing a work in this home and in these hearts that is worth the effort – don’t quit and don’t lose faith!  On the days when you don’t feel it or you question the point read one of those precious cards or – if they are lost – read this and remember.  And never stop loving each one of them with your whole heart.


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