A different kind of Sunday

Yesterday we did something a little different.  Actually, about 700 of us did.  Instead of showering up and putting on our Sunday best we put on work gloves, dirty jeans and matching blue t-shirts and hit the community.  Church outside of the building.  Being the literal hands and feet of Jesus to those around us.  Cool, cool, cool!

While there were dozens of projects going on around town, our family chose something we could do together and that was a little near and dear to us — cleaning up the fishing spots and lake shore around Lake Grapevine at Murrell Park.  It is one of the kids FAVORITE spots to go hiking with Daddy and it was neat to go there and give back.  We marveled after the fact that we were all so busy picking up trash that no one looked up to see the lake!  We were focused, we were busy, and we had a ball!

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Caroline’s Photo Shoot

So about a month ago, Mommy got a new camera.  I dare say that it falls into the category ‘Pride and Joy’!  Today was really our first opportunity to get outside and take some pictures just for fun.  It was really a little too sunny to be optimal, but I had a very willing subject and we had tons of fun!  Here’s just some of what we got:

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Bathroom Issues

So today was a day of bathroom issues for Miss Caroline.

I’m just throwing that out there right up front for the slightly squeamish so that they can move right along….

But for either the sickeningly curious, fellow Mommies who care to share my pain, or those in the mood for a good laugh – follow me.

Let me set the stage by telling you that my sweet Caroline Renee is now 3-1/2 and pretty much thinks she can live on her own.  My help is a nuisance she doesn’t need and many times a day I am told “Mommy get out of here – Don’t look at me”.  That is also a signal that she is doing something she shouldn’t do and since she isn’t totally smart enough to hide it outright, she basically tells me to get lost so that she can continue her bad behavior.

Issue #1 today was #2 (I’ll try to keep the gross factor down here but remember – you were warned!)  The rule is that she calls for help because even though she thinks she can do it all on her own (see above paragraph) – she can’t.  Grant comes downstairs in a huff about something in the bathroom upstairs, Caroline, yada yada and one step in there told me the entire story.  After said #2, instead of calling me she slid on off the seat (Exhibit A).  She then wiped herself, evidenced by the massive amount of paper in the unflushed potty.  To a trained eye, the elapsed time here is estimated at no less than an hour.  After what she considered a successful paper job, she proceeds to sit bare bum on the ground (Exhibit B) to begin putting on the panties (Exhibit C) and pants.  When confronted, she gives her usual sweet faced “Sorry Mommy” and I commence to cleaning up Exhibits A, B & C.

Issue #2 – #1

Fast forward to bedtime.  We changed into pj’s early so that we could all snuggle for a movie.  Again, this was all done by Miss Caroline alone in her room at her request (read: demand).  After a 2 hour movie I am carrying her to bed and she looks up at me with that face that I would do about anything for and says:

“I’m sorry I pee peed all over the floor Mommy.”  {Gasp}

“When did you do that, Honey?”

“When I got my jammies on.”  {Gasp – several hours ago}

“But it was on the tile” {Whew} “and I cleaned it up” {Huh?}

I proceed to find a pile of wet pants and panties in the closet.  A double check of the tile floor showed that all was well (but since this is the same floor as Issue #1 it will be getting the big scrub down tomorrow!)  We had a long talk about telling Mommy about these things – don’t try to cover – blah, blah, blah and while I am tucking her in I hear my inner Mommy voice urging me to open the little vanity drawer in her bathroom that looks slightly ajar.  And what do I find in there, you ask?  Why, a totally sopping wet washcloth full of pee!  AND – it is laying very neatly on top of 2 headbands, 1 hair scrunchy and a nightlight that are now all out in the big green can.


So there you go — a day in the life!

And next time you check in on my blog and don’t see an update in forever just envision that I am not just laying around eating bon bons….I am probably dealing with something like the above mentioned or worse.

But don’t kid yourself – I’m still loving every minute of it.

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I see a pattern here!


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Poor Miss C

Little Miss Caroline is at that age (2-1/2) where she NEEDS a nap, but doesn’t want to always TAKE a nap.  In this stage we are finding that the hours from 4-7pm become quite a challenge, since that it when it hits her little body that she really did need the sleep that she did not get!

Case in point — last Friday I had to get in the shower for a dinner at church and Ritchie was on a phone call for work.  What was Caroline to do but watch an episode of Dora!  Here is how I found her on the family room floor when I got out of the shower….


Sound out.  And stayed that way a good hour or more till her sweet siblings came home and woke her up.  Man, its rough being 2!

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Happy Valentines Day!


We started our day off right with strawberry milk and pink heart shaped donuts!  The kids were excited to get little gifts as well as sort through their candy bags from school.

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We’re Rockin!

Another big hit from Christmas was a Guitar Hero World Tour Band from Aunt Tam and Uncle Darrell.  We have spent the dark, winter nights honing our skills as a band and everyone is having a blast!

Peyton is our resident singer.  She is working up quite a repretoire of songs, with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ topping the list.


(not really....but she likes to pretend!)

(not really....but she likes to pretend!)


Their band is called ‘Unemployed Youth’ — sorry for the darkness of the video, but you get the idea:

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Christmas 2008

The day started at 7:00am as usual, with the pitter patter of big feet hoofing it down the stairs to see what awaited them under the tree!!


The obvious first thing noticed was Peyton’s dollhouse!  She was very excited!  As was Grant with his big gift this year….a Wii!  Santa was a hero this year too, getting the kids the things they specifically asked him for — a pink kitty Webkin and a stuffed eagle.  How did he know?!?!  Miss Caroline chose to sleep in that day, but when she finally graced us with her presence she too was very excited to see her own dollhouse and lots of presents!  A really, really, really great day!!!!

p1040080 p1040077 p1040091 p1040083 p1040098 p1040100 p1040102

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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Christmas Eve


With our good ‘duds on we headed to church for Christmas Eve services!  The kids did pretty well sitting through the service, since they are used to going to kids church.  What had them excited was the candle lighting at the end (they each got their own candle!) and that they either knew most of the Christmas songs or could read them this year off the big screen!

When we got home we got busy decorating the last of our sugar cookies.  Fun was had by all and the kid wine was flowing!!  It is amazing to me the mileage we can get out of a bottle of sparkling grape juice!  Turns any day into a party!!




After the fun, all kids got into Christmas pj’s and hit the hay!!

Mom & Dad had alot of work to do!!  This year Peyton’s big gift from us was a Barbie house.  I had spent the last few months working on it – wallpapering, flooring, and painting and fixing up alot of my old Barbie furniture.  It was definitely a labor of love for me, but that “labor” had to be carried down from the attic after hours and put all back together in the family room!!  Look for pics in a page marked Dollhouse!!

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Caroline’s Christmas Program

Today was the Christmas Program at Rockpointe Weekday Preschool. 

Here I am with my little angel

Here I am with my little angel

The pre-K kids put on the story of Christmas (which is always a hoot to watch!) and the younger kids sang some songs. 

Preschool kids

On our end, there were two real “highlights” of the morning.  1st, Caroline was sat next to a little girl in red who insisted on always touching her shoes, touching her leg, & touching her jingle bells.  I didn’t quite get “the look” on camera, but lets just say that both her teacher and I have seen that look before and were certain that at some point Caroline was going to haul off and hit her!  I am very to happy to say that she did not!!


Her class performed 4 songs, but her favorite was about Baby Jesus.  She told me afterward that she liked “holding the baby”.

The second highlight was also not caught on film.  When the kids finished and the director was explaining that there would be refreshments in the hall, Caroline (who by the way was sitting front row, center) had a huge sneeze.  You guessed it — there she sat with 2 long streams of you-know-what hanging from her nose to her chin!  The teaching staff all cracked up, but thank God for Miss Robin who was fast to the rescue with a tissue.

She finished up her day with a Happy Birthday Jesus party of pizza and cake and telling me how much she loves her school and her teachers!

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