A different kind of Sunday

Yesterday we did something a little different.  Actually, about 700 of us did.  Instead of showering up and putting on our Sunday best we put on work gloves, dirty jeans and matching blue t-shirts and hit the community.  Church outside of the building.  Being the literal hands and feet of Jesus to those around us.  Cool, cool, cool!

While there were dozens of projects going on around town, our family chose something we could do together and that was a little near and dear to us — cleaning up the fishing spots and lake shore around Lake Grapevine at Murrell Park.  It is one of the kids FAVORITE spots to go hiking with Daddy and it was neat to go there and give back.  We marveled after the fact that we were all so busy picking up trash that no one looked up to see the lake!  We were focused, we were busy, and we had a ball!

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Father/Son Retreat

Grant and Ritchie took off for the weekend on a Father/Son retreat through our church.  Not only were there a ton of church friends there, but several great friends from the neighborhood!  They had an amazing time!

The report I got was that they did activities such as archery, canoeing, shooting a gun, basketball and even an Olympics-style game.  But did they bring home any pictures of those activities??  No.  These were the pictures I saw on my camera when they got home:


Yes, that is my sweet son with his head in a toilet…the same toilet in the above picture….let me explain…

A dear, sweet, wonderful {demented} man at our church, David Lassiter, owns a plumbing business and thought it would be a fabulous idea to use (new) toilets and fill them with lemonade and mini-Snickers and see if the boys would bob for them.

I also hear that while they enjoyed looking at the toilet and giggling, several boys were unwilling to ACTUALLY put their face in and bob.  Not my son.  Full face in.


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