OH NO!!!!!!!!

Ok, bad news….I found my first gray hair today.

I know that to many of you this is nothing.  I have really held it off for a pretty long time, comparatively.  But today she just stood out like a sore thumb to me and there was no ignoring that I had one – just one – gray hair coming right out the top of my head!


Again, I think that I will be fine.  Now that it is clearly documented I will head to the bathroom and pluck said hair from my head.  But I was really thinking about my poor mother!!  Mom – I know that it was a rite of passage when your baby started having babies.  But what is it like to know that your baby now has gray hair!??!

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The Leprechaun Trap

One of our school’s kindergarten traditions is having the kids build Leprechaun Traps to try and (obviously) catch a Leprechaun!



Ended up, she never did “trap” the Leprechaun at all, but he did go into her trap and steal her gold, replacing it with candy, and then went on to mess with the classroom pretty good!

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I see a pattern here!


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The Pig

I have heard reports from a neighbor friend of mine that she has seen a giant pig/boar roaming our street.  I chalked this up to too much wine and assumed she couldn’t tell a dog from a pig!  I stand corrected….the big doings here the other day was a very large pig in my front yard!


I was trimming bushes in the front when I heard the dog next door going ballistic.  Not that that isn’t common, but I looked up none the less to find this HUGE pig about 30 feet from me…and Caroline smack dab in between us.  He was just standing there looking at us but his nose was going a mile a minute and he was grunting.  I have no training in “what to do about a charging boar” so I ran & scooped up Caroline and kept my distance.  He stood there for a long time – sniffing her princess car and milling around – until the boys caught wind of his presence and came flying in out of nowhere.  I was running and screaming not to get too close (what on EARTH would I do if it attacked us????) but I think all the commotion caused it to take off into the woods behind our house as I snagged a quick pic.

It did have a collar on, so it must belong to someone and be a pet.  But seriously – its size rivals some of the largest dogs I have ever seen!!!!

Well that made for a fun day!  And Jess, I’m sorry, and I will never doubt you again! 😉

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Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

March 7, 2009 — Miss Peyton is 6 years old today!!


We started the day with her opening gifts from all of us.  She got a Wii Pet Dogs game from Grant, a whole box of Barbie clothes from Caroline, and a new “girly” Guiter Hero guitar and microphone stand from Mommy & Daddy!

p1040177 p1040179 p1040184

We then had to get ready for her friends to come join us for a Rockstar/Karaoke/Freeze Dance party!!!!

p1040190 p1040191

Each girl got a guitar to decorate….

p1040192 p1040209

…even Caroline!                                     And a tattoo

p1040208 p1040197

We ate guitar cake and pizza


and the girls rocked the day away!



Happy Birthday Peyton!!!!!!   You ROCK!!!!

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Poor Miss C

Little Miss Caroline is at that age (2-1/2) where she NEEDS a nap, but doesn’t want to always TAKE a nap.  In this stage we are finding that the hours from 4-7pm become quite a challenge, since that it when it hits her little body that she really did need the sleep that she did not get!

Case in point — last Friday I had to get in the shower for a dinner at church and Ritchie was on a phone call for work.  What was Caroline to do but watch an episode of Dora!  Here is how I found her on the family room floor when I got out of the shower….


Sound out.  And stayed that way a good hour or more till her sweet siblings came home and woke her up.  Man, its rough being 2!

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Happy Valentines Day!


We started our day off right with strawberry milk and pink heart shaped donuts!  The kids were excited to get little gifts as well as sort through their candy bags from school.

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A night with the Ledbetter’s

Our good friends the Ledbetter’s only live in Richardson (about 50 minutes from here) but we have a real tough time getting together!  So after months of trying, we picked a date and went to their house for dinner.  They have 2 GREAT girls – Lauren & Anna Grace – and they are always so good to our kids.  This time they took our girls upstairs to play with them and little did we know, give them a makeover.  Caroline didn’t get too involved, but this was right up Peyton’s alley and she was proud as could be with her ‘new look’!  She made me take pictures before going to bed that night:


She was especially proud of the eye makeup!

She was especially proud of the eye makeup!

She still talks about how the girls commented on what nice hair she had while they were straightening it for her.  It made her MONTH, I think!!!

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Superbowl Party

So this year for the Superbowl, my dear friend Lavon asked if we wanted to plan a get together…you know, a way for everyone to hang out and chat and spend a fun time together.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am all over that….usually….but you would also know that I love my football and, darn it, I want to be able to WATCH the game!  So we came  up with the best plan EVER!!!  A pre-game tailgate!!!


So much fun!!!  It was a beautiful day — all the neighbors hung out and ate while the kids ran around and played.


My usual Superbowl cake....just ALOT bigger!

My usual Superbowl cake....just ALOT bigger!

And the best part…..after a VERY fun day my sweet neighbors helped us clean it all up so that we were in the comforts of our media room in time for kick off!!!  A real win-win!!!!

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Father/Son Retreat

Grant and Ritchie took off for the weekend on a Father/Son retreat through our church.  Not only were there a ton of church friends there, but several great friends from the neighborhood!  They had an amazing time!

The report I got was that they did activities such as archery, canoeing, shooting a gun, basketball and even an Olympics-style game.  But did they bring home any pictures of those activities??  No.  These were the pictures I saw on my camera when they got home:


Yes, that is my sweet son with his head in a toilet…the same toilet in the above picture….let me explain…

A dear, sweet, wonderful {demented} man at our church, David Lassiter, owns a plumbing business and thought it would be a fabulous idea to use (new) toilets and fill them with lemonade and mini-Snickers and see if the boys would bob for them.

I also hear that while they enjoyed looking at the toilet and giggling, several boys were unwilling to ACTUALLY put their face in and bob.  Not my son.  Full face in.


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